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Jamboree Today Archive

Stories from Previous Scout Jamborees The National Jamboree medical team includes (l to r) Biomedical Engineer Ken Conerly, Radiologic Technologists Dianna Sharp, and Joan Mejean, Dr. Thomas Yuschok, and Dr. David Chaffin. Photo by Reed Skylingstad

"We can specialize in everything," says Mike Shrum, a technician at the Summit Bechtel Reserves new health lodge.  The large multi-room medical complex houses specialty equipment as well as professionals trained in numerous fields. The advanced facility is a place no Scout or Venturer wants to end up, but if they do the medical professionals there and across the 2013 National Scout Jamboree are ready to care for them.

The State Medical Assistance Team based in Winston-Salem, N.C., has equipped the Summit Health Lodge with the latest in medical equipment, in association with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and North Carolina State Medical Response System.

The lodge is organized by Jerry Tysinger, assistant healthcare preparedness coordinator, who has worked with the State Medical Assistance Team on ice storms in Kentucky in 2009.

The facility features among its technology one of the X-ray machines at the Summit. Only one was originally planned for but more were added to assure rapid care across the Summit's broad acreage.

The new machine will "help medical care tremendously" and will "keep Scouts and Scouters on site" for treatment instead of transporting them off the Summit to a hospital in Raleigh, N.C., says Dr. David Chaffin, a member of the radiology team.

Other Summit Health Lodge features include specialists in orthopedic medicine, dermatology, dental, optometry and a trauma center with crash carts and stretchers for immediate emergencies. Paperless medical charts have been adopted as a new and efficient change for this jamboree.

"Computerized charting is a lot easier than previous paper charts," according to nurse Mark Woody. Participants completed medical forms online before arrival and are available to medical practitioners at any Summit medical center. The online charts permit tracking of patient care and enhance the quality of that care.

Scouts, Venturers, staff members and visitors will have access to medical facilities at the Summit Bechtel Reserve including basecamp medical facilities located near basecamp headquarters. Health cases that cannot be resolved at a base camp medical facility will be transported to the Summit Health Lodge for further evaluation and treatment. As needed, emergency cases will be transported from the Summit to hospitals in the region which have already been prepared to receive patients from the jamboree.

All medical care for jamboree participants and staff is provided free of charge, as covered by the jamboree registration fees. Anyone requiring emergency medical services at the Summit should dial 911.

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